Technical Assistance to Department of Health

Since October 2012, Right to Care (RTC) is providing Health System Strengthening to the Department of Health (DOH) in the areas of HR, Finance, Leadership & Governance, and Service Delivery. Witkoppen Health and Welfare Centre has partnered with RTC to provide Technical Assistance to the DOH facilities in the City of Johannesburg, particularly Regions A and B.

With PEPFAR funding from USAID as a sub-grantee of RTC, we have supported Basic and Post Basic Pharmacy Assistant (PA) learners through a 12 - 18 month accredited learnership programme in order to improve the HR capacity of the District DOH .To date, 80 learners have been enrolled in the program - 43 Basic learners and 37 Post Basic Learners, of which 25 have completed their Basic level training  and 29 have completed Post Basic training. Wherever possible, the PAs have been placed at various DOH sites. 

In addition to the PA learners, other categories of staff are provided with mentoring and skills development/on-the-job training sessions.