Child and Family Care

In this program we provide children in our areas of service with care and assistance, protecting children’s rights and assisting parents and caregivers with their responsibilities.

Social workers provide counselling to families, couples and individuals as well as intensive family support and preventative family strengthening services to support parents and caregivers. We provide home visits, crisis intervention and a family preservation programme including skills development, parenting skills, support groups and intensive family support for dysfunctional families to prevent the removal of children from their families wherever possible.

However, when children do have to be removed from their homes, there is a serious lack of facilities in which they can be placed, and foster care is considered to be the preferred form of substitute care for children who cannot remain with their biological families and who are not available for adoption, so we have added a new service - that of recruiting and training foster parents.

For more information for prospective foster parents, please click here, and for an application questionnaire to apply to become a foster parent, please click here.