Nutrition & Healthy Diet

Our registered dietician, Elmare Theron, provides advice which helps mothers to breastfeed exclusively during the first six months of a newborn's life; particularly important for HIV positive mothers, to help eliminate mother-to-child HIV transmission through mixed feeding. She also advises mothers what to feed their babies and children as they get older and she monitors their growth. She is a vital staff member in the Postnatal Department, where she conducts a breastfeeding support group to support mothers to be successful in breastfeeding their babies for 12-24 months. She also provides essential nutritional information to all the parents who attend the antenatal and postnatal clinics.

The dietician is also available for dietary consultation and relevant supplementation, which is imperative for many undernourished patients, especially TB and HIV positive patients. She plays a vital role in advising patients with special dietary needs, such as hypertension and diabetes. She is available every day.