Paediatric Clinic

Children are assessed by a Primary Healthcare Nurse. At each visit their vital signs and milestones are recorded (first smile, sitting, walking, talking) as well as their height and weight so that abnormal/aberrant behaviour or physical conditions can be picked up early.
At Witkoppen Clinic we follow IMCI (Integrated Management of Childhood Illness) clinical guidelines, the goals of which include:

  • To ensure that all infants are immunised
  • To ensure that all infants and children are well nourished
  • To treat all acute and chronic diseases
  • To ensure that the HIV status of all at-risk infants is known
  • To ensure that exclusive feeding methods are encouraged for all at-risk infants
  • To ensure that mothers and caregivers are well informed about basic hygiene, nutrition and health care issues
  • To ensure the medical, psychological and social wellbeing of the child.